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More important for businesses now than ever before is the requirement for professional loss prevention and safety consulting services. Countless recent examples demonstrate that the failure to provided generally acceptable levels of security can result in considerable losses and litigation for organizations.

Bruce D. Harman & Associates, LLC takes pride in our commitment to high standards of professionalism, personalized service and commitment to continuing professional development. Our firm offers some of the most comprehensive services in the loss prevention profession.

Although we are best known for our work for some of the most prestigious corporations in the area, Bruce D. Harman & Associates, LLC engages in projects of all sixes and types. We have a proven track record of providing custom tailored loss prevention and reduction programs resulting in reduced costs, and an increase in the overall perception of an organization’s ability to provide a safe and secure environment for its employees, visitors and assets.

It is our ability to communicate, especially, and to listen to our clients that results in our high client retention ratios. It is this same ability to communicate that also enables us to provide specific solutions to meet our client’s needs.

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