It’s our policy. And, that makes a difference to companies focused on improving service, safeguarding public safety and reducing cost.

The Issue

In today’s complex security market, many consultants have direct or indirect interest – through partnerships, alliances or mergers – in privatization and/or contract operations. At BDHA, we have acted decisively to avoid being part of these types of businesses because we realize that even the appearance of a conflict-of-interest can cause problems for a project or our clients.

Our “Value Added” Approach

At BDHA we feel so strongly about preserving the independence of our judgment that we have made it a formal policy decision not to be part of any teams involved in direct sales of products – an assurance that the best interest of our clients is our only concern.

What It Means To Our Clients

  • Unbiased judgment, uninfluenced by other business interests.
  • Assurance that we will not attempt to sell you any products.
  • Confidence that our judgment will not be compromised by direct or indirect business relationships with any contractor whose work we are hired to evaluate.