Expert Witness

Expert WitnessBruce D. Harman & Associates, LLC is a firm of Professional Loss Prevention Consultants contributing expertise in diverse areas of security and loss prevention.

Our mission is to provide our “client-attorneys” with the complete investigations and analysis that they require to create effective legal strategies and case presentation for their clients.

We are Professional Loss Prevention Consultants experience in all areas of Security and Loss Prevention from “initial investigation through trial testimony.”

Bruce D. Harman & Associates, LLC provides reports, opinions and testimony for both plaintiff and defense attorneys. In addition, we regularly appear before various boards and commissions providing security and crime impact studies.

In a brief, concise meeting we can provide you with a complete description of our firm’s unique consulting and expert witness capabilities as well as a schedule of our fees.

Negligence Cases Involving

  • Security Practices
  • Security Negligence
  • Security Lighting
  • Security Malpractice
  • Security Guards
  • Security Training
  • Security Policy and Procedures
  • Security Administration
  • Security Technology and Electronics
  • Security Adequacy
  • Security of Parking Lots and Garages
  • Security and Crisis and Emergency Planning
  • Security Guard Misconduct
  • Security Surveys and Analysis
  • Security Alarms
  • Security Programming

Advantages of our Experienced Expert Witness

The experienced expert…

  • Is more at ease in the courtroom
  • Is more apt to think and present testimony in a logical fashion
  • Is more aware of what’s going on during cross-examination
  • Takes time to answer properly
  • Explains an answer when necessary
  • Refers to exhibits by number
  • Addresses the judge and jury directly, making certain that they understand the testimony
  • Refers to notes at appropriate times

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