Project Management

Project ManagementProjects are temporary, unique endeavors, involving people and materials which have constraints placed on them. They work towards a defined goal or objective. Projects are usually critical to the success of the organization’s business strategy, such as:

  • Developing a new product or service
  • Organizational Structure Change
  • Installation of new equipment, software or business process
  • Construction/renovation of a new facility
  • Implementing new systems
  • Because projects are critical to the success of the organization, they need to be initiated, planned, executed, controlled and closed properly. This is where Project Management comes in.

What Is Project Management?

Project Management is the science and art of balancing Time, Cost and Quality while keeping the project within the Scope. This must be accomplished within the organization’s structure and culture, while balancing the needs and expectations of the various stakeholders.

The science of project management is the application of proven methodologies to initiate, plan, execute, control and close the project. There are methodologies for addressing communication issues and assessing and dealing with risks.

To this science, the Project Manager must bring his/her experience to the processes and methodologies. This experience is essential in dealing with the uncertainties that will arise. The project team must be assembled and developed into a cohesive unit that will weather the storms. Managing the stakeholders’ needs and expectations is often challenging as they may have conflicting personal goals.

We deal with the following topics of international project management:

  • roles of project environment and stakeholders
  • progress of projects, phases and milestones under consideration of the cooperating nationalities
  • approaches to short term and long term objectives
  • team building and role of the project leader
  • distribution of tasks in intercultural teams
  • elements of intercultural communication and their impact on projects
  • scheduling of meetings
  • negotiations
  • job profile and delegation
  • identifying conflicts in international projects
  • project evaluation and feedback
  • project documentation

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