Security Training

At BDHA we pride ourselves on being able to offer complete and cost effective training for your security or emergency/crisis management requirements. Part of our solution is the provision of on-site training that completely focuses on your requirements.

We have been delivering on-site courses for some years and have gained a good deal of experience in making sure that your course will run smoothly and professionally. We offer custom designed training courses to meet your specific needs.

As well as consultant services we offer a full range of training needs analysis which means you can be sure that your staff are receiving a complete, focused training solutions that focus on your institutional requirements.

The Main Advantages of On-Site Training

  • Highly cost effective – up to 15 trainees per course – extremely low expenses.
  • Focused material – the content of the course is design to your requirements and specifications.
  • Low overheads – no hotel and travel expenses for trainees.
  • Work absence reduced – as the courses are delivered at your specified location your staff does not need to travel away from the office.
  • Closed attendance – only your staff are attending the course so all discussion and questioning will be pertinent to your company’s current challenges.
  • Curriculum planning – an overall solution can be assessed and defined making sure you receive the right training at the right time.

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